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Once you have mastered the basics, and you are a serious Craps Player, you are invited to participate in my low cost Advanced Sit-Craps Strategy Training Area! Full details below.

Craps is the ultimate game in the casino! AhCraps.com is honored to feature a Free Craps How to Play Manual and Dice Setting Instructions to study at your leisure.

By going beyond this point, you take the risk of leaving a casino with more money than you came in with!

I want to introduce you to Craps Man. He is going to make your "Crapy" learning experience fun and easy. I gave him his own navigation page. His page will give you a complete overview of my Free, Comprehensive, 24 page "Crapy" Manual for beginners and anybody that knows enough to get them in trouble! He is going to be able to send you to points of interest without your having to scroll through the whole manual each time you want to learn something new.

You will be able to learn the complete game of Craps at your own speed in the privacy of your own home. (It will save the embarrassment of asking a friend at a Casino how to play craps, only to end up more confused, height:17px; z-index:2; top: 14px;as the feeling of complete stupidity forces you to say that you will never play this game again!

You must First take your time learning this complicated game from the basics up - without the confusion of strategy.

We recommend that once you have learnt the basics with us, you should take a look at the best online casinos as documented by respected portal CasinosOnline.com as they will give you the insight into making the right choice of casino room to suit you. If you are a serious player, I invite you to learn to be the Best-You-Can-Be by experiencing Situational Craps (below). This on-line Manual/Seminar will let you Play the game of Craps instead of Craps Playing YOU!

Perhaps it will be fun if you can see how much, or how little, you know about the basic terms and bets in the game of Craps. This will give you a small indication of how much you have to learn. Perhaps you will find that you are ready to jump from learning basics to learning more about this strategy or the one provided below. Just click on the "How smart am I?" link below and you will be "Cyberported" to a page containing 10 questions. You will pick the best answer out of 3 for each question and you will be given instant feedback if your selection was right or wrong. After you are finished, you will be able to rate yourself.

You will be able to follow Craps Man to his Page or follow a link back here to other pages. If you want to bypass the questions, just put your arrow on the image of Craps Man above. You will notice that your arrow turns into a hand. He asked me to tell you to click on him fast. I think he's ticklish! He will take you to his Page and from there will always take you to the portion of my "Crapy" Manual that you desire.

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Once mastering the game of craps, you may wish to play it online where you can put your skills to the test with real money games. If mobile betting is more your thing, there are a number of new casino apps for android you can download for free.  Check out the casino game rules and strategy at the World Casino Index.

How smart am I?

Craps can be a money making game if you now how to play well. Take a look at the craps real money strategy guides at CasinoInsider.com and become a winning player. 

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The Seven Rules - 7 7 7

Consider becoming a member of my unique training room. It is true that learning the "basics" of craps (odds, layout, betting, etc.) included in my FREE "crapy manual" is important to your success. But perhaps it is time to learn the BASIC OF THE "BASICS" ! Yes, I am talking about the flow of 7's! Everything in the game of craps revolves around the number 7!

By understanding the flow of 7's, you will understand why one strategy will work in one situation, and another will work in another situation. But that is not all you will learn! By doing my unique 7-cycles lessons, you will develop your "knower" which will allow you to track a table in your head! Once this "Basic of the Basics" becomes a natural part of your table time, you will understand the power of the strategies you will learn:

1) Big Red = Big Bucks. This is perhaps the most misunderstood and under-used strategy that has the greatest potential as a money maker in the game of craps!

2) Pay-4-it-First. This shows you how to pay for 2 bets on 1 hit leaving all the other hits for the 2 bets pure profit! This is a right side players dream.

3) Understand the best time to pull down your bets through the concept of "key indicators". This technique will save you hundreds of dollars left on the table when the 7 has it's way!

4) Plus so much more that will improve your "crapy" skills!

Click HERE for all the all the sign-up  information!

Because Big Red (any 7) is the single most important number in the game of Craps, Find out why the "Experts" are wrong when they Value a Bet solely based on House Edge! Click Here

If you are signed up and want to continue your study, login at the top left corner of this page!

Because of the ever increasing number of members, I have been asked to provide an area were "Sit-Craps" family members can share important data information about 7-cycles and Key Indicators as well as other comments they want to share. Members can access this important forum by simply clicking on the "Sit-Craps" button below and enter your assigned Password. (no user name is necessary) It's new, so let's fill it up and become the "Best we can Be!"

If this is your first time here please be my guest and browse the rest of my site. The Advanced training area and sit-craps message board are the only pass protected areas!

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Become not just a good but a Great Dice Setter!

The one and only electronic TZD will aid you to find that "sweet spot" at the end of every craps table!

GroundBreaking Information Here

The basics of Dice Setting!

Visit this Free training area! Learn to build a 2 point practice table, getting a grip, and the best sets for the best results. Once you experience my free "Crapy" Manual of basics and this special training room, you will understand why the advanced Strategy Training area involving Situational Craps has Value!

Added a comprehensive e-manual for Advanced Set Training! Learn were all the sets come from as you study lineaway's "nuts and bolts" of dice axis as it relates to dice setting. To go direct click Here.


The Casino Chip Exchange!

Boy did I slip this one in! I gave Mr. Shooter a break so you can follow the Chip to an exciting new area where you can post, trade, buy, sell casino chips designed for the collector or "want-to-be's"!  In time, chips from all over the world will be available. It's just a click away from all the information!


Ya the 5th AhCraps "Crapy" MB craps game is over, and what a game it was (each bet can be viewed and Heavy's comments read by clicking on me.)

The Men's "Craper"! Hey guys, Mr. Shooter will show you a place you can go and relax, sit down, and read some neat articles. (sorry no girlly magazines!). This special room is open to anyone - except, if you ate beans within the last hour - come back tomorrow! PLEASE! Let me take you to my special Discount Bookstore!

Save up to 50% off retail. Why heck, I'll give you a $10 discount on one of John Patrick's most popular books -"Advanced Craps"! This is keeping with the theme of this site - "Knowledge is Power" and is supported by for ease of shopping


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Some people find the game of craps either too complicated or too intimidating. This website was created to help the people who already play craps to get better at their game. If you find yourself at the craps table, you should observe the other players for a little while and try to emulate them for a little while. While this definetly doesn't guarantee that you will win, it will give you the confidence to step up to the table and play.

Although, craps isn't for everybody. If you are looking for a less complicated game, you can find slots offered at every single online casino in existance. Playing slots is a pleasurable way to spend a few hours no matter if we win or lose; of course if you lose too much it might put a bit of a dampener on things, but it can still be a great ride.

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