Valuing your time

My time is at a premium. We will make time for things we value! I spent hundreds of hours understanding trends through the filter of 7-cycles. The reason I found the time to devote to that study was because it had value. It was an investment in my future play. I had the proper Mindset! The reason I spent so much time resolving question #1 was to establish a proper Mindset. Once Setting was shown to have value – I was willing to make the time!

I knew that I had to set up a schedule to learn setting in the proper order. I understood that there were two phases of learning. The first phase, and most difficult, would be to establish a consistent style of throwing the dice. I first had to learn to hit a “target” with the proper speed and arc. This phase has nothing to do with “setting” numbers on the dice. My total focus was on establishing a consistent rhythm from different positions around the table. I set no time limit on how long that phase would take. But I dedicated a minimum of one half hour a day practicing just throwing the dice. I made up my mind that only when I felt confident hitting the target would I move on to the second phase of learning which number set worked for my style of throw. Setting up a time schedule brought me to the 3rd and last obstacle I had to overcome.

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