Dice Setters Training Room

Boy are you in for a treat! I want you to know that I was a real klutz when it wasmy turn to throw the bones. However, after taking this class and practicing whatI learned, I not only “Look” like I know what I am doing – I know whatI am doing! Because I use this “Crapy” Site, I have the best of two worlds -Because I let lose of a few bucks (No discount for me! But it was worth every penny!)

I learned to play the Situation when other players throw the dice, and I have the confidence to make long rolls when I throw the dice! Man am I good!! You can be good too – in fact you can be better than I am. (My boss eats up my practice time – don’t tell him, but when you are off line – I get out my table and nail those bones!) Speaking of my Boss, he wants to invite you on a journey with the expected end resulting in your becoming the best Setter you can be! He also wanted me to tell you about his special “Hot Shot” message board. Get and Give fresh information about setting!

Thanks Craps Man for the intro. We will talk about your “free time” in my office!

Welcome to this special area of my site. I knew that my site would not be complete until I combined teaching the mental skills (Basics and Advanced training to understand trends, and strategy) with teaching the physical skill of throwing the dice.However, Setting is more than just throwing the dice. It is the developed skill of “setting” a specific number combination, with a practiced controlled throw to a specified “sweet spot” at the end of the table. The end result of that controlled throw resulting in an expected outcome.

Understand that I did not start out thinking this way. In fact, throwing the dice never appealed to me. Looking back on my past “craping” experience, I now understand why. When it was time for me to throw the dice, I felt like I was under a microscope! All I could think of was that hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, were riding on my “performance”! I had no consistent style – and everybody could see that. The fed-up glares outweighed the occasional cheers from the other players until it got to the point that I would just wave the dice to the next player! My focus became understanding trends and develop strategies to take advantage of the natural flow of the numbers. The successful end of that focus resulted in the birth of ahcraps.com.

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