Big Red Outlast

Well, nobody thought we’d get by the seven on Monday, myself included. But the Big Red outlasted most of us by one roll – then showed up twice. But the surprise of the week was Gator’s $2200 working call – betting the seven would not show for three in a row. Good call or luck? Or maybe a bit of both? But his “leap frog” move was enough to stun the other players. Another opportunity for the gator to chomp ’em? Maybe so, but he regressed his bets and missed the bigger score on the “bull frog” eight. Meanwhile, GSS shot himself in the foot with that Field bet.

Attention K-Mart Crapsters! Over the long haul the six eight combo will roll 28% of the time. Over the last 25 rolls they’ve shown 48% of the time. Now admittedly, the 2, 11, and 12 are WAY past due – but if you aren’t betting the six and eight – you aren’t winning. That goes for you dark siders too. You CAN place bet while on the don’ts, you know.

Seriously, though – I’d like to commend all of the players on sticking to their strategies AND limiting the sizes of their bets based on their bankroll. If you look at the bet sizes from that last toss you’ll note that everyone pretty much stayed within ten percent of their total bankroll for a wager. That’s exactly how you should play in the casino. But let me remind you – this is tournament play – not casino play. It plays a little differently than the real deal.

My next call – I don’t know, but I’d probably have the six and eight working – a significant line bet – and a large world hedge. But heck, that’s the way I ALWAYS play.

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