Building the Target Table

Put the packing box together. Draw a line all around each side 11 inches from the bottom of the box. Cut along the line ending up with a box 11 inches high. Cut the long 24″ front side out. You should have a 3 sided, 11 inch high box.

Spray glue the top of one table and spray the outside bottom of the box. Set the box on the table and push down to bond the two surfaces. Set aside and let it dry.

Cut an 11″ strip of “egg carton” mattress cover long enough to line the three 11″ sides inside the box. Spray the inside three sides of the box. Starting at one end, push the strip you just cut as you line the inside of the box. Leave a slight curve in the corners.

Cut the rubber backed floor mat and cut a piece of green felt the size of the inside bottom of the box. Turn the mat rubber side up and spray the surface. Spray the sheet of felt and bond the two sprayed surfaces together.Spray the inside bottom of the box, spray the carpet side of the mat. Place the mat, green felt side up, inside the box and press to bond the surfaces.

Get a coffee cup, pen, and sheet of white felt. Place the cup upside down on the felt and draw a circle around the cup. Cut out the circle.Make a small mark on the green felt surface of the box, center, and 3 inches from the back textured wall. Peal the cover of the sticky back off and take it to the box. Place the top of the white circle on the mark so it will be 3″ from the back and press down to secure it.

Take the coffee cup to the kitchen and pour a well deserved cup of coffee and take a break!

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