Large Ontario Casinos Found Throughout Province

The big Ontario casinos cross-cross the province and several are located outside of major metropolitan areas. For example, you can experience the unique Aboriginal atmosphere of Casino Rama built on a Chippewa reservation, and located less than two hours north of Toronto.

Casino Rama regularly attracts some of the world’s biggest stars including Robin Williams, The Beatles’ Ringo Starr and Joe Cocker. Niagara Falls is home to two casinos. The oldest, Casino Niagara, has its gaming adventures spread over 96,000 square feet as well as dining and live entertainment.

Ontario’s newest Casino, the Niagara Fallsview, has 150 gaming tables and 3,000 slots machines, as well as a luxurious hotel, a galleria of exclusive shops, and a 15,000 square foot spa and health club, along with a ballroom for Vegas-style entertainers such as Johnny Mathis, REO Speedwagon and Bobby Vinton. Caesars Windsor, in the U.S.-Canada border city of Windsor, includes more than 100 skill-testing table games and 3,000 slot machines. Food, luxury accommodations and big-name entertainers such as Seal, and a live taping of the Dr. Phil show, are among the featured attractions.

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Craps table sizes

I live in a small apartment, I would need something to practice on! The average craps table is 12 feet long and 5 feet wide and would cost over $4000! Out of the question for me! However, if you have the room and pocket book to build or buy your own full size craps table, Vic gave me some great on-line resources: You can get a Construction Manual for a 10 ft. craps table for a cost of $25.85. Here is another great site to buy the actual material you will need to build a table or you can purchase one ready to ship! Just go to the Gamblers General Store.

But I needed something I could build with common materials and small enough to use in my apartment utilizing the required throwing distance for a 12 ft. table! This is what I came up with and has served me well.

First I realized that all I needed was two points – a pickup point (my position at a table) and a drop zone (the target at the opposite end of the table). I built these two points as follows:

1. Materials needed for the official AhCraps, “Crapy” practicing Craps-almost-Table!

a. Two flat top TV tables.

b. Enough pvc plastic pipe (you will know how much when you take the measurements below), the inside diameter must be just a little larger than the outside diameter of the legs of your tables.

c. One 24″x 18″x 24″x cardboard packing box.

d. One (door mat) hard rubber backed tight knit carpet.

e. One “egg carton” twin size foam mattress cover. (Inexpensive yet is better than a flat surface.) Or you can go to the Gamblers General Store and buy a 4ft by 11in textured rubber side wall for about$60.

f. One yard of green felt. In a craft store, buy a small sheet of self stick white felt, (used to line the bottom of lamps).

g. Two 8 ft. wood corner round trim.

h. One can spray adhesive.

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Building the Target Table

Put the packing box together. Draw a line all around each side 11 inches from the bottom of the box. Cut along the line ending up with a box 11 inches high. Cut the long 24″ front side out. You should have a 3 sided, 11 inch high box.

Spray glue the top of one table and spray the outside bottom of the box. Set the box on the table and push down to bond the two surfaces. Set aside and let it dry.

Cut an 11″ strip of “egg carton” mattress cover long enough to line the three 11″ sides inside the box. Spray the inside three sides of the box. Starting at one end, push the strip you just cut as you line the inside of the box. Leave a slight curve in the corners.

Cut the rubber backed floor mat and cut a piece of green felt the size of the inside bottom of the box. Turn the mat rubber side up and spray the surface. Spray the sheet of felt and bond the two sprayed surfaces together.Spray the inside bottom of the box, spray the carpet side of the mat. Place the mat, green felt side up, inside the box and press to bond the surfaces.

Get a coffee cup, pen, and sheet of white felt. Place the cup upside down on the felt and draw a circle around the cup. Cut out the circle.Make a small mark on the green felt surface of the box, center, and 3 inches from the back textured wall. Peal the cover of the sticky back off and take it to the box. Place the top of the white circle on the mark so it will be 3″ from the back and press down to secure it.

Take the coffee cup to the kitchen and pour a well deserved cup of coffee and take a break!

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My Teaching Style

Not until I met some great Web Buddies did I understand the added excitement I was missing out on by avoiding this learnable skill. Thanks to two special, knowledgeable setters, a guy that goes by the name Free 4 and a graphic artist Vic Trombley, I was presented with an irresistible challenge. Both of them, individually, and in their own way, as much said, “Larry, our understanding of the game of craps has made us better players because of what we have learned from you. We want to share our skill with you. Are you ready to become the Student instead of the Teacher? With that offer and challenge, my focus turned to becoming the best all around craps player I could be!

The teaching style I have chosen for this setting training room is going to be unique, but I believe it to be the most effective! I have received valuable information in the graphic form and lengthy conversations from both Free 4 and Vic. Because I was in a unique learning position, I could analyze the information from both and extract the best from both! I also became a web sponge. However, the personal contact proved to be most useful because they could answer questions that I had. The following is going to be a step by step view as I combined all the information during my learning phase, while at the same time developing a universal teaching format. In a sense, you will be taught by a student that had the same questions and Pre-Practice Excitement that you should be experiencing. I have trimmed all the fat so as to speed your learning curve. If you are ready, I invite you on my journey.

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Point number set that has worked for me

This is an exciting Set for producing “right” numbers! The Sets go like this: (t5/1, fs4/4) Check out all the numbers going around and in the split! (t4/4, fs1/5) (t1/5, fs3/3) (t3/3, fs6/2) Play with the dice and see how many you can come up with!

If you found the “Stacking” Grip (one die on top of the other) was good for you, here is an easy way to get this 6/8 set in the Stacked position: (t2/1, fs4/4) now just put one die on top of the other!

If you are looking for more information about different useful sets, please review and study the second section below before you vote. Your feedback is important! Contact Larry Freiwald

Becoming a skilled craps player requires developing both the physical (dice setting) and the mental aspects (understanding strategy and when to use what works) of this great game. This site provides you the opportunity to become skilled in both of these important areas on your why to become a consistent winner! Before you tackle Section 2 and perhaps continue your study of sets in the advanced e-manual, I invite you to check out the unique philosophy of Situational Craps to master the mental aspect of this game. To learn more click Here. If you understand and agree with this philosophy, and want to learn how to sign up for my special Sit-Craps training area, click Here.

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