Checking the Casino

There are many players’ forums where you can read about the way other players were treated at your prospective internet casino. There is always a search facility within a forum – input the casino name and it will show you the relevant threads. The best-known and very proactive players’ forum Casinomeister is a good place to start.

Money Methods:
See if your prospective casino offers a money method you can use. There is always a banking or cashier link on the home page where they list their options. Also, check if the casino allows play in your currency. Everything makes more sense when the money is familiar and you know exactly how your bankroll stands.

About Bonuses
Be sure you understand online gambling bonuses and their wagering requirements so that there are no unpleasant surprises when you are ready to stop playing and cash out.

Basically, bonus wagering requirements point up the fact that casinos want you to play slots because they are games of chance – no skill involved – so the odds remain with the casino since they are built into the software. If you play slots, the requirements are usually fairly reasonable. However, if your game is blackjack, requirements can go as high as deposit + bonus 100X (times), depending on the casino, and most of them like betfair casino, won’t let you cash out the bonus. In this case, it might pay you to contact support and request a no-bonus deposit.

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Dice Setters Training Room

Boy are you in for a treat! I want you to know that I was a real klutz when it wasmy turn to throw the bones. However, after taking this class and practicing whatI learned, I not only “Look” like I know what I am doing – I know whatI am doing! Because I use this “Crapy” Site, I have the best of two worlds -Because I let lose of a few bucks (No discount for me! But it was worth every penny!)

I learned to play the Situation when other players throw the dice, and I have the confidence to make long rolls when I throw the dice! Man am I good!! You can be good too – in fact you can be better than I am. (My boss eats up my practice time – don’t tell him, but when you are off line – I get out my table and nail those bones!) Speaking of my Boss, he wants to invite you on a journey with the expected end resulting in your becoming the best Setter you can be! He also wanted me to tell you about his special “Hot Shot” message board. Get and Give fresh information about setting!

Thanks Craps Man for the intro. We will talk about your “free time” in my office!

Welcome to this special area of my site. I knew that my site would not be complete until I combined teaching the mental skills (Basics and Advanced training to understand trends, and strategy) with teaching the physical skill of throwing the dice.However, Setting is more than just throwing the dice. It is the developed skill of “setting” a specific number combination, with a practiced controlled throw to a specified “sweet spot” at the end of the table. The end result of that controlled throw resulting in an expected outcome.

Understand that I did not start out thinking this way. In fact, throwing the dice never appealed to me. Looking back on my past “craping” experience, I now understand why. When it was time for me to throw the dice, I felt like I was under a microscope! All I could think of was that hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, were riding on my “performance”! I had no consistent style – and everybody could see that. The fed-up glares outweighed the occasional cheers from the other players until it got to the point that I would just wave the dice to the next player! My focus became understanding trends and develop strategies to take advantage of the natural flow of the numbers. The successful end of that focus resulted in the birth of

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Overcoming Obstacles

The biggest drawback I had was changing my attitude (mindset) about the claims associated with setting dice. I also had to overcome the time and space constrains that would prevent the physical practice required to master this skill. I knew that before I even picked up a pair of dice, these issues had to be addressed and solved!

1) Is it possible to throw any one of a specific group of numbers on command by simply setting the numbers in a certain position prier to throwing? This question took faith based on the integrity of trusted setters and observation of live setting to be answered a Qualified Yes! (Special note: Setting is different from loading or a technique called sliding the dice. The last two are illegal and can be chargeable offences!)

At first I had to answer some nagging assumptions based on that first question. If this first question was absolutely true, I would have to throw out all I have leaned about random distribution of numbers! Or did I? I wondered what the casinos must be thinking. As I stated in my Manual and Big Red Strategy, Casinos depend on the long term average of true odds to produce their income. They work hard to keep shooting the dice as random as possible. They catch you manipulating the true odds and they will stop you! (Case in point -card counting) If the casinos felt setting was giving an unfair advantage to the player – why don’t they establish a no setting rule? After all, setting is not a covert activity! After talking to the Pit Boss in several casinos, the general thought is that it is not a problem. The few experienced Setters that throw long rolls with some sense of consistency fall within the normal probability of random rolls. What peeked my interest is that they recognize “Experienced Setters that throw long rolls”!

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Valuing your time

My time is at a premium. We will make time for things we value! I spent hundreds of hours understanding trends through the filter of 7-cycles. The reason I found the time to devote to that study was because it had value. It was an investment in my future play. I had the proper Mindset! The reason I spent so much time resolving question #1 was to establish a proper Mindset. Once Setting was shown to have value – I was willing to make the time!

I knew that I had to set up a schedule to learn setting in the proper order. I understood that there were two phases of learning. The first phase, and most difficult, would be to establish a consistent style of throwing the dice. I first had to learn to hit a “target” with the proper speed and arc. This phase has nothing to do with “setting” numbers on the dice. My total focus was on establishing a consistent rhythm from different positions around the table. I set no time limit on how long that phase would take. But I dedicated a minimum of one half hour a day practicing just throwing the dice. I made up my mind that only when I felt confident hitting the target would I move on to the second phase of learning which number set worked for my style of throw. Setting up a time schedule brought me to the 3rd and last obstacle I had to overcome.

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Get a Grip

First, use only Casino Dice! These are used dice that the casino gets rid of after about 8 hours of use. The size and weight are important. Buy sets of different colors and from different casinos. This way you will not fall into the superstitious trap that only a certain color will work for you.

Standing behind the pickup point, reach over the”rail” and pick up the dice. This should be practiced in three ways. If there are more, please let me know!

1) Sideby Side. You will be able to develop a thumb – finger grip that is most comfortable for you. But to start,use your thumb at one end and the second finger at the other end with the first finger touching where the two die come together. Using this grip one die will follow the other to the target. If you put three fingers on the front side and your thumb on the back side where the two join, you will be able to turn your hand 45 degrees so that both die are side by side facing the back wall.

2) Stacked one on top of the other. This will prove to be a useful arrangement for certain sets. To grip use your thumb at one side in the middle of the stack and the second finger on the opposite side with your first finger resting on top. I encourage you to experiment with slightly offsetting the stack, seems to produce less action during the throw.

3) One die in front of the other. This is a classic example of the “Teacher” – “Student”becoming a student. Free4 posted a message about this grip on the “Hot Shot Message Board”. This board is filling up with some good Crap! Anyway, I have been experimenting with this grip, and like Free4, I find it to be very comfortable.You can set the dice side by side then turn them 45 degrees. Place your first finger on the leading die, with your thumb on one side and your second and third fingers on the other side (holding the joining die together). I have found this to be a comfortable grip when it is limited to the side position facing the dealer. If you are right handed, you should be on the left side of the table. If you are left handed, you should be on the right side of the table. This way the dice will be side by side facing the back wall. If you are at the straight away end of the table it will take a wrist or “digging” throw to get the dice to the other end. If you are right handed and throw from the right side,you will be throwing with your thumb leading. But who knows, this maybe comfortable for you. Life is one big class room!

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The Target

Focus on the white circle at the end of the table. The object will be to hit anywhere inside the white area with enough force to bounce up, hit the textured wall and land no more than 4 to 6 inches from the wall. You will want to minimize the “action” of the dice. This is going to be a delicate balance between keeping the “set integrity” and following the rules of the casino! It is best to move the target from center every once in a while. If the real table you play on has that spot cluttered with chips, you will feel comfortable hitting other targets!

The Throw

Having the proper grip, and knowing your target is of no value without getting the dice from the pickup point to the target! You must develop a consistent “rhythm” of speed and arc from every position of the table. If the force of your throw (speed) is too slight or to much, you will miss your target or not achieve the proper “bounce”. The top of your arc should never go higher than eye level of the average person. Try to keep the dice together (no spin) as long as you can before they hit the target. This will take control, but is doable! Sorry, but nothing more can be said about throwing. Because each individual is different, you must develop the skill of “rhythm” throwing that fits you. This can only be done through individual practice!

Take your time developing your individual rhythm! Believe it or not, setting the numbers before you throw is just a small part of this skill. When the time is right for you, it will be time to learn the different sets and move on to the second phase of your learning curve.

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Other sets

The above Sets should keep you busy for a long while! However, there will be a time when you will want to investigate other sets that will give you the best chance for Place Numbers and Horn Numbers. With 552 different sets to choose from, the task can be daunting! In my focused goal to make the best site on the web concerning the game of Craps, I have arranged to provide you with top 55 sets (5 for each individual number.) At my request, Free4 (lineaway) has done a analyses of the most productive sets for each number. This is to provide you with a quick reference. He has also written a comprehensive manual below is a link for you to get all the information about the art of selecting useful sets. My sincere thanks goes out for the time and effort he put in providing the following information!

Please do not be mislead by the following information! The sets for each individual number are based on the frequency of that number showing in that set. But more important, (in the case of point numbers) the infrequency of the 7 showing. These are ideal conditions (planet x) and do not represent the actual physical outcome for a particular number! We are in an unexplained area of how this works. For example, the sets that I shared with you above, are not statistically the best sets – but they work for me! Go figure! What is important is that you have the best chance to throw point numbers after a come-out and horn numbers during a come-out. The actual outcome will still depend on everything mentioned above. Select the best sets that work for you! To do that, you will have to experiment with different sets. Understand that this will take many throws of a particular set before you put your confidence of your ability in a set to risk your money!

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