Craps table sizes

I live in a small apartment, I would need something to practice on! The average craps table is 12 feet long and 5 feet wide and would cost over $4000! Out of the question for me! However, if you have the room and pocket book to build or buy your own full size craps table, Vic gave me some great on-line resources: You can get a Construction Manual for a 10 ft. craps table for a cost of $25.85. Here is another great site to buy the actual material you will need to build a table or you can purchase one ready to ship! Just go to the Gamblers General Store.

But I needed something I could build with common materials and small enough to use in my apartment utilizing the required throwing distance for a 12 ft. table! This is what I came up with and has served me well.

First I realized that all I needed was two points – a pickup point (my position at a table) and a drop zone (the target at the opposite end of the table). I built these two points as follows:

1. Materials needed for the official AhCraps, “Crapy” practicing Craps-almost-Table!

a. Two flat top TV tables.

b. Enough pvc plastic pipe (you will know how much when you take the measurements below), the inside diameter must be just a little larger than the outside diameter of the legs of your tables.

c. One 24″x 18″x 24″x cardboard packing box.

d. One (door mat) hard rubber backed tight knit carpet.

e. One “egg carton” twin size foam mattress cover. (Inexpensive yet is better than a flat surface.) Or you can go to the Gamblers General Store and buy a 4ft by 11in textured rubber side wall for about$60.

f. One yard of green felt. In a craft store, buy a small sheet of self stick white felt, (used to line the bottom of lamps).

g. Two 8 ft. wood corner round trim.

h. One can spray adhesive.

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