Get a Grip

First, use only Casino Dice! These are used dice that the casino gets rid of after about 8 hours of use. The size and weight are important. Buy sets of different colors and from different casinos. This way you will not fall into the superstitious trap that only a certain color will work for you.

Standing behind the pickup point, reach over the”rail” and pick up the dice. This should be practiced in three ways. If there are more, please let me know!

1) Sideby Side. You will be able to develop a thumb – finger grip that is most comfortable for you. But to start,use your thumb at one end and the second finger at the other end with the first finger touching where the two die come together. Using this grip one die will follow the other to the target. If you put three fingers on the front side and your thumb on the back side where the two join, you will be able to turn your hand 45 degrees so that both die are side by side facing the back wall.

2) Stacked one on top of the other. This will prove to be a useful arrangement for certain sets. To grip use your thumb at one side in the middle of the stack and the second finger on the opposite side with your first finger resting on top. I encourage you to experiment with slightly offsetting the stack, seems to produce less action during the throw.

3) One die in front of the other. This is a classic example of the “Teacher” – “Student”becoming a student. Free4 posted a message about this grip on the “Hot Shot Message Board”. This board is filling up with some good Crap! Anyway, I have been experimenting with this grip, and like Free4, I find it to be very comfortable.You can set the dice side by side then turn them 45 degrees. Place your first finger on the leading die, with your thumb on one side and your second and third fingers on the other side (holding the joining die together). I have found this to be a comfortable grip when it is limited to the side position facing the dealer. If you are right handed, you should be on the left side of the table. If you are left handed, you should be on the right side of the table. This way the dice will be side by side facing the back wall. If you are at the straight away end of the table it will take a wrist or “digging” throw to get the dice to the other end. If you are right handed and throw from the right side,you will be throwing with your thumb leading. But who knows, this maybe comfortable for you. Life is one big class room!

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