Horn Set that worked

Get a set of casino dice. On one die have the 4 facing up and the 2 facing you. On the other die have the 3 facing up and the 5 facing you. (t4/3. fs2/5) Pick them up and add each side. All 7’s! This is a good set for come-outs. Practice throwing this set and see if it fits your style. To keep track of the numbers that result is going to be easy. Just like keeping track of 7 cycles, I have provided you with a Chart that you can print. As you can see, the first two lines are where you write in the set that you are testing. Below Set #1 put (top #) 4/3. In the second line (Front #) put 2/5. Going down the page put the number that results from each roll. The list goes to 34 rolls but you can continue by going to Set #2 and put in the same set.

You can see that this program will provide you with much information as you are in your training phase. For more information, you can contact the author, Lynn Crewse, by a simple e-mail: webmaster@ahcraps.com from what I understand (any time it my change) Lynn is offering this program as a qualified “free”. Yes it is free, but if it works, and you see the value, there is “volunteer $25 donation” that will be expected to show the value of the time spent putting this program together.

I hope that this beginning training room has been as much help to you as it has to me putting it together! If all of this went over your head, don’t worry; you can always try playing craps for the fun of it. If you don’t know the basics behind how the game of craps is played, may I suggest that you try playing the game in practice mode at an online casino such as Slots.lv. If you wish to continue your study of how sets are determined, I invite you to study a comprehensive e-manual that Free-4, (lineaway) has put together on the “nuts and bolts” of axis rotation as it relates to dice setting.

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