Making a working Craps Practice Table

After you get done admiring your handy work, it will be time for you to put it to work! For your practice to have any value you will have to be in the proper throwing position. This will be accomplished using a measuring stick! Take one of the 8ft corner rounds and cut a 5ft piece and a 3ft piece. Make a mark on the 5ft piece 1ft from the end. Over lap the 1ft portion on top of the other 8ftpiece and secure the two pieces. (you can use a small clamp so as to undo them when you are finished using them or you can tape or glue to make a permanent 12ft measuring stick – What just so happens to be the length of the average craps table!)

Next, take the 3ft piece and cut a 45 degree notch halfway through 2ft 6in from one end. This notch will fit over the”corner” of the 12ft piece making a T shape. (perpendicular to the long piece, What just so happens to the half the width of the average Craps Table!)

Take a marking pen and mark the number “6”, 6ft onthe long stick. Going in either direction, make a mark 7 – 11 every 1ft to the end of the stick. The number 12 will be the end of the stick.

Place the Target Table up against any wall. Now put the 12ftstick (blank end) in the center of the table with the end up against the textured back side. Hold the stick even and walk down to the 7ft mark.Place the notch of the small stick on the mark. Move the Pickup Table so that the end of the small stick is in the center up against the back box rail. remove the sticks. If you did everything right, you will be positioned 7ft from the back wall of your craps table in position #8 as seen in the figure below:

In this position, you will be on the left side of the table next to the StickMan throwing to the right back wall. You can see that by moving down 1ft you will be in position #7, 8ft away. Just remember that the distance you throw will never go beyond 12ft so positions #4, #3, #2 are at the flat end of the table1ft apart.

To shoot from the right side of the Table just move theTarget Table to the left side, flip the long stick over and move the Pickup table to the right to positions #9 – #16.

The reason it will be important for you to become proficient throwing the dice in any position is to eliminate the “Favorite Position Syndrome”Don’t ever miss great table action because someone is standing in YOUR spot!

Now that you know how to set up your “Crapy” Table, let’s make use of it!

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