My Teaching Style

Not until I met some great Web Buddies did I understand the added excitement I was missing out on by avoiding this learnable skill. Thanks to two special, knowledgeable setters, a guy that goes by the name Free 4 and a graphic artist Vic Trombley, I was presented with an irresistible challenge. Both of them, individually, and in their own way, as much said, “Larry, our understanding of the game of craps has made us better players because of what we have learned from you. We want to share our skill with you. Are you ready to become the Student instead of the Teacher? With that offer and challenge, my focus turned to becoming the best all around craps player I could be!

The teaching style I have chosen for this setting training room is going to be unique, but I believe it to be the most effective! I have received valuable information in the graphic form and lengthy conversations from both Free 4 and Vic. Because I was in a unique learning position, I could analyze the information from both and extract the best from both! I also became a web sponge. However, the personal contact proved to be most useful because they could answer questions that I had. The following is going to be a step by step view as I combined all the information during my learning phase, while at the same time developing a universal teaching format. In a sense, you will be taught by a student that had the same questions and Pre-Practice Excitement that you should be experiencing. I have trimmed all the fat so as to speed your learning curve. If you are ready, I invite you on my journey.

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