Other sets

The above Sets should keep you busy for a long while! However, there will be a time when you will want to investigate other sets that will give you the best chance for Place Numbers and Horn Numbers. With 552 different sets to choose from, the task can be daunting! In my focused goal to make ahcraps.com the best site on the web concerning the game of Craps, I have arranged to provide you with top 55 sets (5 for each individual number.) At my request, Free4 (lineaway) has done a analyses of the most productive sets for each number. This is to provide you with a quick reference. He has also written a comprehensive manual below is a link for you to get all the information about the art of selecting useful sets. My sincere thanks goes out for the time and effort he put in providing the following information!

Please do not be mislead by the following information! The sets for each individual number are based on the frequency of that number showing in that set. But more important, (in the case of point numbers) the infrequency of the 7 showing. These are ideal conditions (planet x) and do not represent the actual physical outcome for a particular number! We are in an unexplained area of how this works. For example, the sets that I shared with you above, are not statistically the best sets – but they work for me! Go figure! What is important is that you have the best chance to throw point numbers after a come-out and horn numbers during a come-out. The actual outcome will still depend on everything mentioned above. Select the best sets that work for you! To do that, you will have to experiment with different sets. Understand that this will take many throws of a particular set before you put your confidence of your ability in a set to risk your money!

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