Overcoming Obstacles

The biggest drawback I had was changing my attitude (mindset) about the claims associated with setting dice. I also had to overcome the time and space constrains that would prevent the physical practice required to master this skill. I knew that before I even picked up a pair of dice, these issues had to be addressed and solved!

1) Is it possible to throw any one of a specific group of numbers on command by simply setting the numbers in a certain position prier to throwing? This question took faith based on the integrity of trusted setters and observation of live setting to be answered a Qualified Yes! (Special note: Setting is different from loading or a technique called sliding the dice. The last two are illegal and can be chargeable offences!)

At first I had to answer some nagging assumptions based on that first question. If this first question was absolutely true, I would have to throw out all I have leaned about random distribution of numbers! Or did I? I wondered what the casinos must be thinking. As I stated in my Manual and Big Red Strategy, Casinos depend on the long term average of true odds to produce their income. They work hard to keep shooting the dice as random as possible. They catch you manipulating the true odds and they will stop you! (Case in point -card counting) If the casinos felt setting was giving an unfair advantage to the player – why don’t they establish a no setting rule? After all, setting is not a covert activity! After talking to the Pit Boss in several casinos, the general thought is that it is not a problem. The few experienced Setters that throw long rolls with some sense of consistency fall within the normal probability of random rolls. What peeked my interest is that they recognize “Experienced Setters that throw long rolls”!

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