Point number set that has worked for me

This is an exciting Set for producing “right” numbers! The Sets go like this: (t5/1, fs4/4) Check out all the numbers going around and in the split! (t4/4, fs1/5) (t1/5, fs3/3) (t3/3, fs6/2) Play with the dice and see how many you can come up with!

If you found the “Stacking” Grip (one die on top of the other) was good for you, here is an easy way to get this 6/8 set in the Stacked position: (t2/1, fs4/4) now just put one die on top of the other!

If you are looking for more information about different useful sets, please review and study the second section below before you vote. Your feedback is important! Contact Larry Freiwald

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