Skill level increase

There is no way that setting can be proven to work. There is no way one shooter can throw two sets of dice simultaneously, one random, the other by first setting the numbers to determine if there is a difference. Besides, there are too many human factors involved such as throwing consistency and concentration. This is why I think the casino does not look at it as a threat.

If the casinos, who are in the business to know such things, do not believe setting gives the player an edge, Why should I give the validity of the practice a qualified YES? Remember, my success comes in the form of understanding 7-cycles and playing the situation. I was satisfied passing the dice to the next shooter! Why should I invest my time in learning this skill unless it was to my benefit? The reason is that I do believe it works some of the time and will work more times as my skill level increases.

The success of this practice falls into the realm of the unexplained! Since I am the one promoting the unexplained “Knower” by predicting short cycles to deal with the unexplained value of Trends, then I am willing to accept the unexplained nature of setting. This acceptance establish a mindset that will motivate me to learn and practice with the same zeal I had understanding and developing Situational Craps! Besides, I look forward walking up to a craps table with the confidence of a Setter, and a Situational Craps Player!

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