The Target

Focus on the white circle at the end of the table. The object will be to hit anywhere inside the white area with enough force to bounce up, hit the textured wall and land no more than 4 to 6 inches from the wall. You will want to minimize the “action” of the dice. This is going to be a delicate balance between keeping the “set integrity” and following the rules of the casino! It is best to move the target from center every once in a while. If the real table you play on has that spot cluttered with chips, you will feel comfortable hitting other targets!

The Throw

Having the proper grip, and knowing your target is of no value without getting the dice from the pickup point to the target! You must develop a consistent “rhythm” of speed and arc from every position of the table. If the force of your throw (speed) is too slight or to much, you will miss your target or not achieve the proper “bounce”. The top of your arc should never go higher than eye level of the average person. Try to keep the dice together (no spin) as long as you can before they hit the target. This will take control, but is doable! Sorry, but nothing more can be said about throwing. Because each individual is different, you must develop the skill of “rhythm” throwing that fits you. This can only be done through individual practice!

Take your time developing your individual rhythm! Believe it or not, setting the numbers before you throw is just a small part of this skill. When the time is right for you, it will be time to learn the different sets and move on to the second phase of your learning curve.

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