What is Setting

A setting is done by arranging numbers (dots) before you throw them. To define different sets, the numbers that you create on top of the dice as they rest on the felt, and the numbers you create on the side facing you are the only ones that are important. For example, t5/2, fs4/3 (t for top, and fs for facing side) is one set. The first red number in each group is for one die and the second black number is the other die! Getting use to this way of identifying a set will prove to be useful. Just ask the Stickman for the (t) numbers and you will already have half the set made for you!

The theory behind Setting is to “Stack” certain combinations of numbers prior to a controlled throw that will give you the best chance for a predetermined outcome. Is there a “Magic Set” that will work all the time? NO! If you were to ask 10 different Setters which is the best Set to use, You will receive 10 different answers! I know because I have done it. The reason is simple: There is one universal factor and many individual factors involved that will determine the outcome of any set. The universal factor is the set itself. However, it is the individual factors that will have the most influence for a predetermined outcome. The individual factors are all involved in the individual controlled throw. They are Concentration, Speed, Arc, and Accuracy to the target, which will affect the overall action of the dice. The reality is that only you will be able to determine what set works for your individual style of throwing!

If you accept this reality, it’s time to combine your developed throwing “rhythm” with different “sets” until you find ones that fit your style. Free4 says that there are 552 combinations! To prove he knows what he is talking about, he gives the math in Section 2 “More Sets”. This is a real treat if you are a math enthusiast. For me, I just trust his word!

At this stage, there is no point in confusing you with all the possible combinations. However, you have to start somewhere. I am going to start you off by showing you some remarkable sets that will give you the best chance to throw (combined with individual style) Horn numbers and one that will give you the best chance to throw Point numbers.

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